Above The Beyond


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Above The Beyond

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Municipality: Breitenbach
District: Thierstein
Canton: Solothurn
Country: Switzerland
Tree: Fruit (Prunus)
Season: Autumn
Month: November
Mood: Calm and peaceful
Colours: Black, green, pink
Depiction: In the November twilight, a dinky tree stands alone on a hill. Its obsidian silhouette etches against the canvas of an autumn sky. Of colours in vivid pink. Bare of its foliage, the tree appears vulnerable. A modest figure, naked to the elements. As dusk settles, the small tree surrenders to nature’s quietness.
Without the adornment of leaves, its branches reach out like skeletal arms. They extend to either side against the rosy sky, tracing a pattern. The size of the tree exudes solitude. In the fading light, it rises like a lone sentinel.
The sky, a tapestry of intense pink, imbues the scene with a silent yet melancholic ambience. In the autumnal theatre, the naked tree takes the role of the protagonist. Tough against the backdrop of the waning daylight. Above The Beyond emits the beauty of simplicity and loneliness.

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Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag, Aluminium Dibond


28×18.7 cm, 30×20 cm, 60×40 cm, 90×60 cm, 120×80 cm


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