Pink Shade

Pink shade bathes the land in a soft glow at dawn. When the first light of morning kisses the horizon, the pastel of rose and blush colourises the sky. Flower petals’ pink whispers secrets of innocence and purity. The colour of love and tender affection blooming like a rose in the heart of a garden. In springtime, cherry blossoms unfurl their petals in a symphony of pale pink. A young one’s sweet laughter, pink with joy and exuberance, fills the air with candour.

Within pink lies a vulnerability, though. A fragility trembling on the edge of existence. The colour of fleeting moments and memories fading like petals scattered by the wind. At twilight, pink takes on melancholy tinged with the bittersweet beauty of endings. Amidst the beauty of pink lies strength and toughness, which defy the flow of time. The colour of hope and dreams endures even in the face of adversity. Graceful, with the promise of light and renewal. Within renewal, what once ended now begins anew. The fresh start and eagerness commences.

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