Woodland Poetry

In Woodland Poetry* I display close-up images of forests and woodlands. On specific elements, I zoom in to show how much beauty exists in the woods. Such as the intricate details of trees, their branches, twigs and leaves. Which we often overlook. The photographs have a given abstraction, evocation, and poetic essence. A bit like a painting. Contrary to traditional landscape photography, which showcases grand and sweeping vistas.
Get lost in the images and see the ordinary in a new light. Like the tree’s rough and textured bark, which reminiscence of the skin of some ancient beast. Or the leaves rustling in the breeze, hiding mysteries within their shadows. Or the branches, reaching skywards like bony fingers, clinging to life.
The woods have several characteristics besides only trees. Might and mystery coexist in an environment in which everything holds possibility.
The great outdoors signifies appreciation and lament. Its splendour of nature lies in its appreciation. And the loss of its beauty lies in its lament. The words both comfort and hurt, both soothe and oppress.
In its mightiest form, Woodland Poetry has the force to inspire and cry to action. And to put in the effort to preserve nature for upcoming generations. The responsibility for a fragile ecosystem falls upon each of us.

* Photographs of forests also fall in this category, not only woodlands.
Further information regarding forests and woodlands exists in ‘Forests and Woodlands – Exciting Differences to Know‘.

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