Woodland Poetry

In Woodland Poetry are close-up images of forests. I zoom in on specific elements to show how much beauty you can find in the woods. Each photograph reveals intricate details of trees and their branches, twigs and leaves. In a way, that is both abstract and evocative. With a touch of artistry and poetry. A bit like a painting. Contrary to traditional landscape photography, which often showcases grand and sweeping vistas.
Get lost in the images and see the ordinary in a new light. Like the tree’s rough and textured bark, which reminds of the skin of some ancient beast. Or the leaves rustling in the breeze, hiding mysteries within their shadows. And the branches, reaching skywards like bony fingers, clinging to life.
The woods are more than trees. It is a place of mystery and power. A place where anything can happen and where anything is possible.
It is a celebration and a lament. A celebration of the beauty of nature. And a lament for the destruction of its beauty. Its words can be both comforting and challenging, both soothing and stirring. In its mightiest form, Woodland Poetry is a source of inspiration and a call to action. To encourage us to be mindful of our impact on the natural world. And to work to protect it for future generations.

Please note that the watermark doesn’t appear on the print.

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