About Ars Silentium

Do your drab walls numb you? Struggle no more. With my art, I will assist you.
But first, how did I begin to take images of forests and woodlands?

About the Beginning

As a young child, I have felt drawn to nature. I spent time as a youngster roaming the fields and woods near my home, close to Schwarzbubenland. During this phase, my interest in the outdoors grew.

About Ars Silentium. He stands in a forest taking a picture.

About the Awakening

Yet, I did not dare to take up a camera to record the beauty which had always intrigued me until a few years later. Those initial years of my photographic journey presented challenges and proved unforgiving. Translating my thoughts, emotions, and perspectives into images posed a complex endeavour.

At first, I struggled to find my artistic voice. I attempted several different strategies. To try and convey the depth of my admiration for the natural world. I realised nature is poetry, each element a verse in a complex stanza.
Composition, lighting, and post-processing turned into a labyrinth of trial and error. I practised for countless months to get better at what I did.

About the Searching

In photography lies an endless path where advancement knows no boundaries. Wherever your journey leads you, you always discover something new. Photography pushes oneself to new heights of creativity. You get better at composition. And many daring ventures lay once beyond the comfort zone.

As a photographer, my harshest critic resides within myself. Satisfaction eludes me in my images often, with room for endless improvement. By looking at the pictures, I connect to the scene. Failure echoes many times.
But in failure lies beauty. In those moments of perceived failure, I find the motivation to persevere. Failure does not deter but leads to a stepping stone towards growth and learning.

About the light and shadow.

About the Learning

When I came upon British landscape photography, it clicked. My artistic growth got a boost from Joe Cornish. His book, ‘First Light: A Landscape Photographer’s Art’, kindled my enthusiasm. From the moment I delved into its pages, I got transported into a world where light danced upon the land. The finesse and artistry of Cornish depicting the British lands elude comparison.

About the book 'First Light: A Landscape Photographer's Art'.

About the Travelling

I have visited the stunning landscapes of Northern Europe during my photographic journey. The wilderness of Swedish landscapes and Finnish landscapes thrill. Seascapes of Norwegian landscapes, Faroese landscapes, and Danish landscapes enthral. These untamed regions have cast an enchanting spell over me, leaving me empty. To put the emptiness in words proves challenging.

The quiet and solitude strike a chord unlike any other. These isolated regions have those qualities. They contrast with the bustling pace of Central Europe. The noise and chaos of daily life vanish in the high North.

You can read about my trip to the Faroe Islands at on landscape photography magazine. I authored another article about the Danish island of Bornholm. Bornholm lies east of the Danish mainland.
Visit my Archive to look through my travel journal.

About the untamed landscapes of the North.

About the Present

In recent times, my focus shifted towards shooting closer to home. And to lose myself in the trees’ seductive beauty. To comprehend my fascination in trees, dig out their roots in Tree Art.
Woodland Photography outlines the emotion and passion I have towards the outdoors. You can discover this in my Portfolio.

While grand vistas have their allure, I have come to appreciate the hidden treasures. And the quiet charm found within intimate landscapes and Forest Photography. I find contentment in this genre.

Photographing intimate landscapes encourages me to look past the obvious. And to dive into the subtleties of my surroundings. To look for the beauty in the commonplace inspires me. In everyday scenes, magnificent works of art originate.
Woodland Poetry, Whispering Trees, Ominous Secrets, and Lonely Entities transcribe poetry into photos.

Ansel Adams said: “Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.”

About the Art

I do exhibitions to present my creativity to an audience. Contact me please, if you run a gallery and want to showcase my work. Or if public buildings, banks, or other venues express interest in displaying my art.

For the photography exhibition photoSCHWEIZ, a local newspaper interviewed me.

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