Ominous Secrets

In Ominous Secrets, the veil of fog descends upon the forests and landscapes like a shroud. It creeps, it crawls, and it devours the light. The once vibrant terrain gets wrapped in a cloak of menacing grey. Turned into a murky sight, the fog stands for mystery and unease.
I like the eeriness of fog and trees combined, which reminds me of those old horror films. In my photographs, I try to capture this feeling in full.
The softness of the fog balances the strength and firmness of the trees. With their presence, the arboreal titans protect the woods. In the gloom, the tension between the two grows palpable.
The mist stands for suspense as it sways between the real and the imaginary. What forms imagination? And what makes up reality?
Amidst the dense veil of fog, malevolent beasts with ravenous hunger might lurk. In the ghostly mist, their eyes burn, seeking out unsuspecting prey. The still air filled with rasping breaths and whispers of impending doom. An eerie moment. The forest lies silent as if waiting with bated breath. For the inevitable attack on innocent souls at any moment.
Ominous Secrets blurs the line between nightmare and reality. Those who confront their anxieties and the unknowable overcome the darkness. And emerge victorious.

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