Ominous Secrets

In Ominous Secrets, the veil of fog descends upon the forests and landscapes like a shroud. It creeps, it crawls, and it devours the light. The once vibrant terrain gets wrapped in a cloak of menacing grey. It turns the world into a murky sight and lends a sense of mystery and unease to the air.
I like the eeriness of fog and trees combined, which reminds me of those old horror films. With my photos, I want to bring this feeling to life.
The softness of the fog balances the strength and firmness of the trees. Who are the guardians of the woods. As your eyes wander through the dimness, you notice the tension between the two.
The mist is a symbol of suspense, stuck between illusion and reality. What is imaginary? What is real?
Amidst the dense veil of fog, you spot malevolent beasts and creatures. They lurk with ravenous hunger. Their eyes gleam in the ethereal mist, seeking out unsuspecting prey. The still air filled with rasping breaths and whispers of impending doom. A shiver runs down your spine. The forest is silent. As if waiting with bated breath for the inevitable attack of these vicious forces.
Ominous Secrets blurs the line between nightmare and reality. Those who face their fears and confront the unknown can hope to overcome the darkness. And emerge victorious.

Please note that the watermark doesn’t appear on the print.

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