Black Shade

Black shade reigns supreme, a cloak veiling the world in mystery. And stars flicker as distant memories in the shroud of night. In the evening, shadows dance upon the edges of perception. They whisper secrets to those who dare to listen. The mind conjures phantoms in the gloom and weaves tales of terror and intrigue. Devoid of light, the ebony colour holds both allure and dread. The abyss into which all things eventually vanish. Its infinity swallows everything.

Yet, a certain solace exists within its embrace. Free from the constraints of daylight. Black, the colour of mourning, a sombre cloak worn to conceal grief and sorrow. And the colour of power, of authority cloaked in anonymity. In its depths lie secrets of the universe, waiting for unearthing by bold souls. But beware, for in the darkness lurks the unknown. Reality blurs and nightmares form to unseen horrors haunting the human psyche. And the line between dream and reality fades into obscurity. In the realm of black, one must tread with care. Truths better remain undiscovered, and horrors better left unspoken.

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