Lonely Entities

In Lonely Entities, the tree stands as the main point. It emits bold individuality. Beauty, life, and strength exhibit trees. We receive fruit, shade, and oxygen from them. And they also hold loveliness in and of themselves.
Some trees we encounter grow alone, isolated from their brothers and sisters. Paintings, poetry, and photography feature those abandoned trees as their subject.
The environment might highlight how lonely a single tree feels. Against the barren countryside, the tree looks even more lonely and lonesome.
Whatever the surroundings of the tree. Loneliness and isolation touch even the most beautiful and marvellous entity.
Solitude stands as one of the feelings people struggle with. And when we see it reflected in the natural world, it may move.
For many things, a lonely tree symbolises toughness and tenacity. The tree grows and thrives in any landscape all by itself. It does not care how harsh the conditions look. We should incorporate admiration for the tree as a model to imitate. No matter how tough our lives get, a will to carry on must prevail.
Lonely Entities may stir something in us. Whether a mist-shrouded tree, a tree basked in sunlight, or bathed in moonlight. Solitary trees have a striking beauty which at once mesmerises and fascinates.

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