Green Shade

Green shade sings songs of life and renewal in the lushness of emerald tones. The forest and ancient trees’ leaves colour with green with their moss-covered limbs. They reach towards the sky like guardians of the earth. In the dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy, green dances with grace. It paints the world in jade and viridian. Green stands for growth, for new beginnings, unsnarling from the tangled undergrowth. And spring, when the earth awakens from its slumber, bursting forth with blossoms and buds.

In the gentle caress of the wind rustling through the leaves, green has hope and rejuvenation. But within the lush expanse lies a darkness. A shadow hides beneath the surface. Green links to envy, jealousy gnaws at the soul like ivy creeping up the walls of a forgotten ruin. Within the forest, the colour green has an eerie glow, where light struggles to penetrate. And it cast shadows whispering of forgotten times. In the toughness of nature also lies beauty. It shows itself in the eternal cycle of life and death. And solace, even in the darkest times, the promise of renewal and growth prevails.

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