Misty Sunlight


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Misty Sunlight

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Municipality: Couvet
District: Val-de-Travers
Canton: Neuch√Ętel
Country: Switzerland
Trees: European beech (Fagus sylvatica)
Season: Winter
Month: January
Mood: Calm and peaceful
Colours: Black, white
Depiction: In the quiet embrace of a January morning, nature unveils a spectacle of tranquil beauty. Trees adorned in a delicate coat of hoarfrost. Each branch transformed into a glistening sculpture. White by the frigid breath of winter. A mild fog covers the sky, giving the land a ghostly aspect. The mist softens the world into a dreamlike tableau.
As the soft sunlight filters through the mist, it bathes the hoar-frosted trees in a golden glow. It spills a warm and enchanting radiance upon the frozen landscape. The hoarfrost catches the light, which sparkles like a myriad of diamonds. Nature’s artistry unfolds the winter day in a breathtaking display.
Beneath the hoar-frosted canopy, the snow lays deep. Each step through the snow murmurs in the winter stillness. And it echoes the tranquillity which blankets the land. A frozen moment in time crystallises the scene. The soft sunlight and hoar-frosted elegance transform the ordinary into a winter wonderland. Misty Sunlight invites contemplation and awe.

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Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag, Aluminium Dibond


30×20 cm, 60×40 cm, 90×60 cm, 120×80 cm




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