White Shade

White shade destinates an otherworldly, pristine purity. Akin to fallen snow, which blankets the earth in silence and muffling all sound and movement. In the soft glow of moonlight, white has grace. It throws long shadows stretching across the land like ghosts in the night. Innocent, untarnished freshness shines like a beacon in the blackness. The shade of newborn life. And possibilities, stretching like an endless area of unmarked snow. In the quietness of a winter’s eve, white whispers of new beginnings and second chances. It promises a clean slate to inscribe the story of one’s existence.

Within white lies a certain emptiness, a void echoing with the absence of colour of life. Isolation and loneliness go on for kilometres without end. For longing for connection and belonging, the spirit speaks of. And a yearning for warmth amidst the cold, lying within the simplicity of one’s self. The colour of purity and truth laid bare for all to see. In the colour white lives peace and tranquillity. Uplifting and friendly, with a bright smile and a welcoming demeanour.

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