Alpine Aria


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Alpine Aria

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Municipality: Berg√ľn Filisur
District: Albula
Canton: Graub√ľnden
Country: Switzerland
Trees: European larch (Larix decidua), Swiss mountain pine (Pinus mugo arborea), Swiss pine (Pinus cembra)
Season: Autumn
Month: September
Mood: Energetic and excited
Colours: Blue, green, white
Depiction: Autumn’s September morning sun enchants a pine forest at a mountain lake. Bathed in the radiance of the early morning sun, the pine trees’ needles aglow in vivid greens. A stunning display ignited by the first light of the day. Patches of snow adorn the mountain behind, adding a touch of wintry contrast.
The mountain lake has still and crystal-clear water resembling a mirror. On its watery surface, it reflects the pine forest and the snow-kissed mountain. And also the expansive blue sky with its wisps of fluffy clouds. Those clouds build a harmonious dance between earth and sky.
A canvas of glorious colours due to the early morning sun illuminating the land. From the vivid greens of the pine trees to the blues of the sky, all mirrored in the tranquil lake. Alpine Aria shows an idyllic morning, a visual symphony with light and reflections.

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Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag, Aluminium Dibond


20×30 cm, 40×60 cm, 60×90 cm, 80×120 cm


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