With Courage Of Concentration


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With Courage Of Concentration

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Municipality: Berg√ľn Filisur
District: Albula
Canton: Graub√ľnden
Country: Switzerland
Trees: European larch (Larix decidua), Swiss mountain pine (Pinus mugo arborea), Swiss pine (Pinus cembra)
Season: Autumn
Month: September
Mood: Energetic and excited
Colours: Blue, green, white
Depiction: September’s autumn, a pine forest stands at the water’s edge. Its trees bathe in the golden colours of a gorgeous morning sun. Towering mountains and the majestic land with a stunning central peak command attention. In the early morning light’s glow, the terrain envelopes with splendour.
The trees, dazzling in vibrant greens, emanate against the blue sky. Larches scatter among the pines. They have yet to transition to their autumnal golden beauty. The transition of September transforms gradually. In the mirror of the water, the interplay of trees.
As the morning sun works its magic, the mountains reveal patches of snow. The rocky giants give a touch of wintry elegance to the autumnal panorama. A symphony of natural beauty unfolds. Light and landscape converge in September’s early morning magnificence. With Courage Of Concentration offers a glimpse. The harmonious coexistence of seasonal transitions in this mountain haven comes to fruition.

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Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag, Aluminium Dibond


30×20 cm, 60×40 cm, 90×60 cm, 120×80 cm


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