Waking Dreams


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Waking Dreams

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Municipality: Wartau
District: Werdenberg
Canton: St. Gallen
Country: Switzerland
Trees: European larch (Larix decidua), pine (Pinus)
Season: Autumn
Month: November
Mood: Hopeful and optimistic
Colours: Green, grey, yellow
Depiction: Larch trees stand resplendent in the golden light of a foggy November morning. Autumn transformed their needles into a brilliant gold. The forest lights up by the sun, shrouded in mist. As lit from within, the larches glow in their golden attire. Their splendour softens by the diaphanous veil of fog.
The forest recedes into a dreamlike haze, with trees as mere silhouettes. Ghostly and indistinct, fading into the light. Light diffused by the mist, casting an otherworldly sheen over the trees. Larches bask in the glorious rays, displaying their autumnal finery with pride. Yellow grasses sway in the breeze, their movements rhythmic and soothing.
A sense of magic, a fleeting glimpse into a world where time pauses to admire its loveliness. Boundaries between reality and fantasy blur in this dreamscape. Waking Dreams evokes a forest’s timeless wonder with its mist and light.

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Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag, Aluminium Dibond


30×20 cm, 60×40 cm, 90×60 cm, 120×80 cm


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