Incident Of Insanity


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Incident Of Insanity

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Place: Skaulo
Municipality: Gällivare Municipality
Province: Norrbotten
County: Norrbotten County
Country: Sweden
Trees: Birch (Betula), pine (Pinus)
Season: Autumn
Month: September
Mood: Creepy and frightening
Colours: Green, grey, yellow
Depiction: A forest of vibrant green and yellow grips an autumnal September. The upper half of the scene has a rich forest palette. A vivid and colourful splash graces the trees. Trees farther back dissolve into the greyness of the mist.
The lower half has a tranquil lake, a mirror to the arboreal spectacle above. It displays the beauty of the autumnal forest in the water. Trees dance upon the liquid canvas in their autumn garment. Reality and reflection get lost in the lake’s blur.
As the mist envelops the layers of trees, it enchants with a touch of obscurity. It shrouds the distant trees in a veil of mystery. A September forest, it clutches vibrant colours and reflective symmetry. Incident Of Insanity honours the vibrancy of autumn and reflections.

The lake’s still surface, a mirror’s deceit,
Clarity and delusion’s conceit.
A fateful and unfathomable space,
Reflecting a devious and spiteful face.

Yet, autumn has familiarity,
In its recurring regularity.
With a forest and its colourful lures,
The life’s cycle, beginning and end, endures.

An eeriness lingers upon the lake,
With deep waters, distorted and opaque.
Beneath it, the unexpectedness hides,
In its nebulous depths, a madness abides.

The dim incident of insanity,
Those who linger will lose their sanity.
Where murky waters swirl in disarray,
Reflections project an unsettling display.

Water’s hypnotic movements twist the mind,
Risky and mad as juggling daggers blind.
Its cause proves hard to grasp and understand,
A sinister force beneath exerts command.

Within the stained mind, sane and insane dwell,
In grim feud, where contradictions compel.
A nerve-racking, crazy duality,
Losing all influence on reality.

The lake’s seductiveness will not relent,
To grasp the eerie void of its intent.
The riddles of the depths, they beckon on,
Drawing in the energetic and the strong.

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Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag, Aluminium Dibond


30×20 cm, 60×40 cm, 90×60 cm, 120×80 cm


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