Abstract Tension


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Abstract Tension

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Municipality: Witterswil
District: Dorneck
Canton: Solothurn
Country: Switzerland
Trees: Ash (Fraxinus)?, oak (Quercus)?, willow (Salix)?
Season: Winter
Month: March
Mood: Calm and peaceful
Colours: Blue, brown, yellow
Depiction: A line of bare trees graces the horizon in the wintry land of March. The trees bathe in the glow of the sun. Their naked, illuminated brown branches accentuate against the dark sky. The sombre above creates a visual delight and contrasts the glowing field below.
A field of yellow basks in the sun’s radiance. It changes into a glowing expanse like molten gold. The golden field harmonises with the brownness of the bare trees.
Behind the trees, a ridge emerges, its undulating form resembling a graceful ramp. With the right side a bit lower than the left. Against the dark blue sky, this setting transforms into a poetic composition. The bright-lit field converges with the silhouettes of the trees and the ridge. Abstract Tension unveils its enchanting allure. With the dance between light and shadow, a tale of contrasts and harmony ensues.

Nature’s vast and colourful tapestries,
Where abstract tension weaves among the trees.
The sun sets a field of fair grass ablaze,
Daystar bathes it in delicate golden rays.

These trees stand watchful in the canvas frame,
In their bare stance, they all look much the same.
Leaves fell to the ground as autumn came by,
Then winter showed, and with it, a brooding sky.

Within this open land, peaceful and still,
Neither peril nor the rush of a thrill.
The sun’s devoted and tender caress,
Its warmth envelops the field with much finesse.

Brilliant yellow grasses, luminous gold,
They shine in the sun as their charms unfold.
Behind, the vigilant watchers stand grand,
Courageous and wise elders of this farmland.

Above, forbidding dark blue skies stretch wide,
Where splendour and modesty coincide.
An abstract tension lingers in the air,
In this rural expanse, where beauty lies bare.

Elusive suspense plays its restful part,
Turning the farmland into gorgeous art.
Yellow fields, barren trees, and the blue sky,
The loveliness of nature, none can deny.

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Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag, Aluminium Dibond


30×20 cm, 58×38.7 cm, 60×40 cm, 90×60 cm, 120×80 cm


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