Brown Shade

Brown shade weaves its tapestry of forgotten murmurs in the murk of earthy tones. The colour of the soil teems with life and decay. And the roots of trees entwine with the bones of the past. Within sepia shadows, the world takes on a timeless melancholy. A world caught in an eternal embrace with time.

Brown awakes antiquity, reminiscent of faded manuscripts and weathered ruins. It stands silent to bygone eras. The colour of memoirs stimulates memories of simpler times and faraway lands. In the crackling embers of a dying fire, brown dances with the flickering flames. Its shadows upon walls sway like spectral apparitions. Despite its woe lies a certain warmth. The comforting hug speaks of home and hearth. And of autumn leaves, ablaze with the fieriness of sunset. Also, fallen leaves forecast decay, rot and ruin, gnawing at the foundations of life. Within this brown lies a certain terror, a fear of the unknown lurking in the earth. This something awaits those who try to solve its obscurity.

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