Orange Shade

Orange shade’s fieriness ignites the land with passion and zeal. The colour of the setting sun casts a warm glow. Across the land akin to the caress of a lover. It paints the sky with saffron and tangerine. In the crackling flames of a roaring fire, orange dances with wild abandon. Orange represents vitality, of energy pulsating through the veins of existence. The autumn colour, when leaves blaze with brilliance before cascading to the earth. In a shower of gold and amber, swirling and twirling. Orange hums of joy and abundance in the intoxicating scent of citrus orchards. Ripe oranges and tangerines shine with enticement in the afternoon sun.

However, the vibrant expanse of orange can deceive like a mirage in the desert heat. Recklessness, uncontrolled impulses and passions run amok. In the heat of the moment, orange burns with intensity. It consumes all in its path with its insatiable hunger. Amidst the flames lies also a beauty. This raw, untamed power transforms, and rebirth rises from the ashes of destruction. Within orange dwells possibility, the potential for new beginnings and fresh starts.

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