Never Left


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Never Left

Extras: Four magnetic business cards, four cards, one brochure in German. If you want the print signed, let me know before ordering.
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Municipality: Fläsch
District: Landquart
Canton: Graubünden
Country: Switzerland
Tree: Willow (Salix)
Season: Autumn
Month: November
Mood: Hopeful and optimistic
Colours: Green, grey, red
Depiction: In the soft evening light of November, the twigs of a tree extend like graceful tentacles. They bask in the warmth of the descending autumn sun. Grey and slender, the twigs reach out. Petite, elongated leaves in a green shade adorn them. Behind this delicate foliage and the muted grey trunks thrive even thinner red twigs. The lattice in shades of red weaves together, forming an impenetrable wall.
As the sun’s gentle rays caress every branch, the scene bathes in the softness of the evening glow. The sun imparts a radiant luminescence to the tree. Green leaves, grey branches, and the thinner twigs of the crimson mesh captivate. An abstract art piece comes to life.
The colours harmonise. And vivid green, subtle grey, and vibrant red blend into an alluring composition. Autumn’s magnificent essence displays itself. Never Left has a luminous aura, transitioning into the tranquil November evening.

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Aluminium Dibond 60×40 cm plus extras


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