Falling Forever


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Falling Forever

Extras: Four magnetic business cards, four cards, one brochure in German. If you want the print signed, let me know before ordering.
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Municipality: Wartau
District: Werdenberg
Canton: St. Gallen
Country: Switzerland
Trees: European beech (Fagus sylvatica)
Season: Autumn
Month: December
Mood: Calm and peaceful
Colours: red, white
Depiction: The waning days of autumn. December transforms a forest into a winter wonderland with heavy snowfall. The beech trees cling to their red leaves amid the falling snowflakes. A stark contrast originates. Their tenacity and the harshness of the snow-laden atmosphere clash. In passionate defiance, the enduring red leaves punctuate the wintry scene. The foliage achieves this with a touch of warmth.
The symbiotic dance of red and white unfolds. Vibrant leaves intermingle with the pristine snow, forming a visual harmony. Passion symbolises red. Eagerness engages in a captivating dialogue with the innocence of the white snow. Like a poetic narrative, the stark contrasts play out. Each shade brings out the best in the other.
Despite the cold embrace of the snow, a palpable warmth emanates from the red leaves. The foliage glows with tranquillity within the wintry forest. The interplay of elements captures December’s transition. Steadfast red differs from the unforgiving white. Falling Forever converges contrasts from one season to the other.

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Aluminium Dibond 60×40 cm plus extras


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